Nancy Raven Sings Her Favorites

Nancy Raven’s

Nancy Raven Sings Her Favorites

Television and mass marketing of movie scores have robbed American children of the joy of singing songs from their own rich traditions. Nancy Raven’s fine collections of simple folk songs and musical games from around the world are a treasure every child deserves.

Rosemary Richie, Montessori School Teacher for over 20 years and mother of five.

Cast of Characters

Nancy Raven: Production, arrangements, vocals, guitar, percussion
Bob Hobbs: back-up vocals, percussion, sound effects
Lichi Fuentes: Vocals, strings, percussion
Jackie Rago: Percussion, mandolin
Donna Viscuso: Flute, harmonica
Dair Obenshain: Fiddle, bones
Gary Raven: Banjo, back-up vocals, kazoo
Vanessa Whang: Piano and flute
Bradley Williams: Accordion
Rosemary Richie: Duet vocal on Rabbit’s Dance
David Pontecorvo: Engineer
Bob Farwell: Engineer
Martin Downing Engineer
Bazil Dean: Lizard art
Alan Yoshida: Golden ears for CD remastering, Ocean Way Studios, Hollywood, CA

Nancy Raven Sings Her Favorites

Songs on this CD are:

  1. Mail Myself to You
  2. Don’t You Push Me Down
  3. Morningtown Ride
  4. One Little Elephant / Un Elefante
  5. Juba
  6. It Must Be a Dinosaur
  7. Back of the Bus
  8. Rabbit’s Dance
  9. Monkey Can Do
  10. Owl’s Lullaby
  11. Haunted House
  12. Scary Things
  13. Grillo Julian
  14. Jambalaya
  15. Emma Lou
  16. Greens and Beans
  17. Chopping Cane
  18. African Bread Song
  19. Oats, Peas, Beans
  20. Members of the Family
  21. Flute Song
  22. El Hombre Primitivo
  23. Gonna Keep a Place
  24. Los Chimi-Chimitos