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Lost Soles, by Nancy Raven

Lost Soles

Photographs of my Lost Soles exhibit were on display at the Business Resource Innovation Center (BRIC) in Carson City (108 E. Proctor Street) between November 2011 and December 2012. The exhibit features kid’s shoes I found on Del Monte Beach in Monterey, CA, over 21 years of beach-walking. No shoe was collected unless it was alone.

Pinhole photography

The pinhole photographs below were taken using one of two different cameras.

Holga pinhole camera

These photos were taken with a cheap Holga camera from which the lens has been removed, and a pinhole put in its place. The Holga uses 120 film, and is developed and printed like any ordinary film.

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Tincan pinhole camera

These photos were taken using a large tin can that has a small hole drilled in the side, revealing a pinprick hole inside. The camera is loaded with photographic paper, which becomes a paper negative on exposure. When that is developed, it is placed face-down on another piece of photographic paper and printed. The curve of the tin can accounts for the curvature of the final print.

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I first learned about pinhole photography in 2005 when I took a class from pinhole master Martha Casanave, who teaches at Monterey Peninsula College. The medium was fascinating to me, and I loved the quality of the photographs with their dreamy, noir look.

Nancy Raven

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