Videos by Nancy Raven



Nancy’s Earthquake is an illustrated guide for children to help them understand, prepare for, and survive an earthquake. Fun and informative! (5 minutes 36 seconds) See the video here.

Lizard Soup

Lizard Soup, with Nancy Raven

Lizard Soup is Nancy’s public access TV show for kids, featuring songs, stories, and activities. Month by month, Nancy explores holidays, celebrations, customs, and foods from around the world. Join Nancy, Rosemary Richie, and friends for each of these wonderful 30-minute segments. Produced by Dan Klevesahl.

All Things Creative

All Things Creative, with Nancy Raven

All Things Creative, featuring Nancy Raven. Approximately 20 minutes.


ArtEffects, with Nancy Raven

ArtEffects (aired on PBS station KNPB, April 1, 2016), featuring Nancy Raven. Approximately 4 minutes.